Education and Support Services

Sunbeam strictly follows policies and management practices that maintain high professional standards in the delivery of education and training services, and which safeguard the interests and welfare of its students and, where relevant, their employers. Sunbeam maintains a learning environment that is conducive to the learning and professional development of students. Sunbeam has the capacity to deliver the Education and Training programs on its scope of registration and will ensure that the facilities, methods and materials used in the provision of training will be appropriate to the needs of the student and outcomes to be achieved. Sunbeam will comply with all laws relevant to the operation of the training premises, including workplace health and safety and fire safety regulations. Sunbeam will ensure that training facilities, equipment and other resource materials are adequate for the Training Programs being delivered and are maintained in good order and repair. Sunbeam has clearly documented procedures for managing and monitoring all Education and Training operations and reviewing Student /employer satisfaction.

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